UVAHAND LED是一种高强度的手持式UV灯。设计上符合人体工学,便于运输,是移动应用的理想选择。

其密集的照射可确保在数秒内达到可靠的产品效果。LED的配置保证了亮度分布 均匀。

可提供波长为365 or 405 nm +/- 10 nm. This allows an adaption of the hand lamp to the respective application.


  • Curing of UV reactive adhesives when joining glass, plastics and metals
  • Curing of UV reactive compounds on electrical and electronic components
  • Production and repair of plastic parts with UV curing polyester resins
  • Particle control in clean rooms
  • Authenticity testing
  • Fluorescent testing for quality control purposes in plant engineering, in the aviation industry (certificated according to ASTM E3022 and other certifications on request), as well as in the textile and printing industry